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Study with us FAQs

Why are your classes different?

Our classes combine the latest principles of second language acquisition and social events for a fun, relaxed and effective learning experience. You will also have a chance to practice Spanish at the restaurants we partner with for a truly immersive event. This teaching approach has been already implemented in Europe and we are bringing it to the United States! 

Why can I not use an app like Duolingo, Babbel or Rosetta Stone to learn a language?

Using a language software is a great tool that will let you reinforce at home what you cover in class with your instructor, but it is not enough. When learning a language, a student will need exposure to hearing it by a native or native-like speaker, and will also have many questions that a computer will not be able to answer. In addition, it is really hard to stay motivated with a self-paced program that does not require any human interaction and does not make you accountable for your learning progress.

I think I am not good at languages.

Learning to speak another language is a slow process. Think about children learning their first language; they are not able to speak for almost two (or even three) years! The good news is that everybody is naturally equipped to learn a language and we will give you plenty of opportunities to practice or solve any doubts you might have.  We are here to help and facilitate your learning experience!

I am shy and afraid of making mistakes.

That’s what drinks are for!Jokes aside, language serves as a bridge between two or more people, and it’s nurtured through our interaction with other human beings. Language is a social thing and there is no need of being shy  or afraid of what other people may be thinking. We want you to be relaxed and know that everybody learns in different ways, but we all learn by making mistakes. I promise you – you will have great a time learning with us and you will also make a lot of friends along the way!

I always had a hard time understanding languages.

One of the most difficult parts about learning a new language is listening comprehension (being able to grasp and make sense of what you hear). You can be an excellent speaker and be able to read really well yet still not understand more than a fraction of what other people are saying. The reason for this is that speech is a series of sound units that are connected together quickly when spoken by a native speaker and they’re difficult to distinguish with an untrained ear. The only way we train our ears to distinguish sounds in foreign speech is by lots and lots of exposure. That is why our instructors speak to you in Spanish!

Am I too old to learn a foreign language?

No!!! This a common myth. Adults have a serious advantage over children in so many ways. It takes children years to achieve what an adult is capable of doing in a much shorter period of time for the simple fact that we already have the ability to communicate and we also have the ability to read and study what we need. Plus, many of our students are examples of adults picking up new languages who have reached near-native level fluency in those languages in their 70s. Your age is not a disadvantage!

What if I have to miss one or two classes?

No worries! We can record the class you will be missing so that you can catch up in your own time.


How many students are in each class?

We cap all classes at 10 students, so sign up soon if you are interested in a class so you can reserve your seat!

What is your cancellation policy?

We will email you if class is cancelled for any reason and a class will be added to the end of the semester. Classes may also be cancelled due to low enrollment numbers. A full refund will be provided if a course is cancelled.

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