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Our Methodology

Our methodology is based on the simple premise that, under the right conditions, people can learn a language quickly and easily, and enjoy the experience. In all our programs we aim to create a stimulating and fun environment in order to engage our students and create active participation. Our programs are based upon the communicative method of language teaching: classes will place an emphasis on oral proficiency and daily communication in a relaxed and stress-free environment that will foster learning through interactive activities, games and real-life scenarios.

Our communicative classes will work on developing all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing to get you familiar with all aspects of the language as quickly as possible. We teach to both sides of the brain with the use of authentic materials such as music, poetry, podcasts, videos, newspapers and advertisements. We also partner with local restaurants in the Birmingham area to offer a variety of interactive immersion activities such as Italian cultural nights, Italian conversation nights, Spanish cultural classes and much more to provide our students with wide opportunities to improve their language and cultural skills while socializing and having a great time!

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