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Make an Italian Aperitivo with these 3 simple recipes

The nice weather is finally upon us and kids are not in school… ugh! Alcohol is much needed to survive these days… Hence, it’s time for an Italian aperitivo! The “aperitivo” is a typical Italian custom. Italians get a cocktail and enjoy some finger food after work at an Italian “bar” while socializing with friends.

Here are 3 simple cocktails we made during our classes at Vecchia that are perfect for summer and can easily be made at home. You can get mini and full bottles of Prosecco and Champagne at Vecchia as well as some delicious Mimosa-to-go kits. Don’t forget to add some antipasti platter and pizza for a true Italian aperitivo!


Mimosa, also known as Buck's Fizz, was invented in 1925 in Paris and attributed to the The Ritz Hotel bar. Here is what you will need:

2.5 oz of Prosecco

2.5 oz of orange juice

Squeeze the orange with the juicer. Filter and pour the orange juice into the flute. Fill gently with prosecco. Mix.Garnish with orange twist (optional).


The Bellini was invented sometime between 1934 and 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy. He named the drink Bellini because its unique pink color reminded him of the toga of a saint in a painting by 15th-century Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini.

Here is what you will need:

2 oz of peach juice

3.5 oz of Prosecco

Pour in the glass the peach juice and then add the Prosecco. Stir and serve.

Aperol Spritz

It is said that the ritual of the Italian aperitivo began precisely with the spritz when the troops of the Austrian Empire in the 1800s used to stretch the local wines which they considered too strong, with a splash of sparkling water. From the German term "spritzen", therefore, the name "Spritz" would come.

To make the famous Aperol Spritz, use:

2 oz of Aperol

A dash of soda water

3 oz of Prosecco

Start by adding ice to the glass then pour in the Prosecco, the Aperol, and the soda. Top it with a slice of orange. Stir and serve.

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