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Surviving Quarantine Italian Style

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

While an unprecedented international health crisis is forcing us all to stay at home with kids, spouses, jobs, homeschooling, meals to make, house to clean up (and the list goes on and on)… one question arises: how do you keep yourself sane and most importantly healthy? Here are some principles that are helping me stay moderately “sane”.

Italian rule #1: Take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter how many things you have to do, but if you don’t take care of yourself you will never accomplish anything. You should keep a regular routine that also includes breaks every day, just as if you were not stuck in the house all day. Maybe you could learn something new or do what you have been postponing for a long time… do something just for yourself! Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest… especially in the simplest things.

Italian rule #2: Get your vitamin C doses every single day. Italians drink freshly squeezed orange juice every day because it boosts our immune system. Better if you do it with a manual squeezer. Seriously. :P

Italian rule #3: Eat well and healthy. There is a special connection between your belly, your heart and mind. The healthier you will eat, the better you will feel. Remember to drink plenty of water and to follow the Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables, fruit, unrefined carbs, cereal, legumes and nuts. Always remember to make healthy choices at the grocery stores (if you have it in the house chances are you will eat it too), but do indulge in some delicious pizza or Tiramisu (if you feel like looking at Domino’s coupons just stop!! Vecchia Pizzeria has the best pizza, tiramisu and many other things. The best is that your kids will eat for free all day!!).

Italian rule #4: Stay connected with friends and family. What life would be like if you did not have anybody to laugh or cry with even during the saddest of all times? Being together even virtually can stave off depression and ease anxiety. We might not have much right now, but at least we have each other.

Italian rule #5: Exercise. You know about all those times you thought “how do these Italians stay so skinny with all the pasta they eat? It must be because they walk all over the place”? Well now it’s your turn to try this experiment! With plenty of time on our hands, nowhere to go and nice weather why not go outside and enjoy some walking around your neighborhood? Little is always better than nothing: you will see a lot of health and mood benefits in the long run.

Healthy habits, enjoying life and beauty are the core of the Italian lifestyle. How are you staying sane during quarantine?

Buona quarantena! (Happy Quarantine!) Xoxo


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